A&C Bio Bloom Stimulator

Bio Bloom Stimulator

Zusatz für Dünger

Rapid transportation of plant nutrients

Consistent dissemination of minerals and glucose

Better balance of the elements within the plants

Strengthens the plants and makes them more resistant against illnesses

Consequently, you may work with a higher EC value which results in a growth increase of the plants and an additional, earlier and a more bountiful harvest

Suitable for any kind of substratum (soil, coco, hydro, rockwool)

No increase in EC

Package sizes:
0.125 Liter, 0.250 Liter, 0.500 Liter, 1 Liter, 5 Liter

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  Application / Dosage

  • 20-40 ml Bio Bloom Stimulator per 100 liters of liquid fertilizer.

  • Apply with each watering.


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